My keyboard is acting weird after having played the game

Congratulations! you have unlocked the "Secret key combo achievement".
While playing you have enabled a secret Windows key combo and we have no idea what it is. Press all the keys on the bottom row of your keyboard one at a time. It usually solves it. Otherwise it can be solved by a restart. Sorry.

I can't open the CAPSLOCKED gate

Some people have remapped their CAPSLOCK key to other functions (maybe for a game or permanently). We have made it so that you can press left SHIFT a few times instead. Hopefully this happens automatically when you panick and you never have to read this.

Some key doesn't work

You might have some software to remap certain keys to shortcuts for games. Try disabling it. Usually Roccat Swarm, Logitech something or MSI something.

I have a special keyboard layout and T is not on T

If you use Dvorak, Colemak, or other non QWERTY family keyboard then it might be that you have use the T position from a QWERTY layout. It's below 5 and 6.

I am on 32bit Windows and the game doesn't start

The game requires some extra libraries for handling the keyboard. They are only included in a 64bit version, but if they are installed on your system it should work regardless. Otherwise write us and we can send you a fix.

I am on Linux and everything is weird

Sounds about right. Just write us and we'll see what we can do.

I have no keyboard and is playing with the onscreen Windows keyboard.

Impressive. We really can't help you!

Will this game ever be published for Blackberry phones with full keyboard.

Yes. Someone actually asked that and the answer is maybe.. if you are from Blackberry and got a good reason?