Keyboard Sports

Use every single key and fall in love with your least sexy controller. You play as the young apprentice to Master QWERTY who takes you on a wild adventure across oceans, through temples and into dreams in the search for your inner key using the entire keyboard as your controller.

Press quotes from early preview:

"It’s a really charming game."
- Philippa Warr, Rock Paper Shotgun

"Keyboard Sports doesn’t just use a select few keys — instead, it utilizes all of them"
- Andrew Webster, The Verge

"Surprisingly fun and charming."
- Choloi Rad, IGN Nordic

"Keyboard Sports turned my Spacebar into a couch and that is so darn delightful. Thank you for that, Keyboard Sports."
- Chris Priestman, KillScreen

Release for 2019 and published by Humble.

It started as a tiny Humble Original prototype for the Humble Monthly of November 2016., but we are currently making a much bigger game that uses even more keys.

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Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Love your keyboard before it's too late.


Keyboard Sports is developed by Triband, a small Copenhagen based studio who happens to love keyboards.

For support on the Humble Monthly prototype checkout this FAQ. or write to

More information or press/streamer copy: press kit